Most adults who are overweight have tried to lose weight before.

It's a depressing fact.  So many of us want to lose weight to be healthier, or to have bodies that make us feel happier and more confident.  Yet so often our diets fail.  We persevere and try again.  And again and again.  Because we really, really want to lose weight. But until we each understand why we aren't achieving our weight-loss goals, we'll just continue the cycle indefinitely.

Why do Diets Fail?

We don't believe in ourselves

"Self-efficacy" is our confidence in our own capabilities to do what we need to do to succeed. If we score our self-efficacy at under 70% we are not likely to take the necessary actions to achieve our goals.

I will help you work out where your self-efficacy ranks now and how you can increase your score.

We're not feeling motivated

There's more than one type of motivation, and if you don't uncover and utilise your own strongest motivators you're less likely to persevere when things get tough.

Using coaching techniques we can unpick which types of motivation work for you and you will feel able to motivate yourself to stick to your weight-loss plan.

We reward ourselves with food

Most of our parents used food as a "treat" to reward us or comfort us.  It takes time to learn to see food as fuel rather than a treat, and to find alternative ways to reward ourselves.

It's taken your whole lifetime to learn this association with food so it won't be a "quick fix" to unlearn it, but coaching can set you on the right path.

We don't feel in control

It can feel as though food controls us and our choices, and dieters frequently say their biggest barrier to weight-loss is controlling what they eat.

Working together and using some creative techniques I will support you in taking back control of your own choices when it comes to the food you consume.

We don't have a circle of support

Research shows that it's easier to stick to our weight-loss plans when our partners, families or friends support us.  It can be hard to ask those around us for the help we need to succeed.

We will spend time examining the support you have and want, and you will feel empowered to ask for the right support from the right people.

We "fall off the wagon"

When we slip up we can spiral into a period of self-loathing and overeating... until we realise there is no wagon. Just a series of choices we make every day.

Through weight-loss coaching you will feel more able to look at your choices objectively and able to understand why you sometimes stray from your diet plan.

Take the Next Step

Send me message or give me a call.

It can feel daunting. Believe me, I know.

Reaching out. Admitting you're struggling. Asking for support.

For most of us it's not easy. But it's also the first step towards achieving your goals. If you found this website chances are you're ready to do this FOR YOU, so please do get in touch for a friendly and informal chat about how I can help you move forwards in your weight-loss journey.   

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