What is Coaching?

"Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential" *

You have the potential to lose weight. You have the potential to feel in control of your food choices, and to feel motivated and full of willpower. With my help you can unlock that potential.

Coaching is a discipline that believes people have the answers to their problems inside them, and that a professional coach can help them to uncover these answers. Coaching is distinct from counselling, mentoring and psychotherapy and is not about telling a client what to do. It is guiding a client through a process so they can discover the way forward for themselves.  

The coach and client work in partnership to define meaningful goals and work on a plan to achieve them. As a coach I do not have the answers to your issues, but I am committed to working with you to explore those issues and support you in choosing ways to move forward.  The more you put into your coaching experience the more you will benefit from it.  

My coaching credentials

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching from the department of psychology at the University of East London. A range of practitioners in different fields may give themselves the title of "coach" but a professional coach will have been properly trained in the discipline. A qualified coach should have studied the psychology of coaching and have an understanding of different coaching models and the developments in the field of coaching over recent decades.

I have studied a range of coaching approaches including humanistic and person-centred coaching, cognitive behavioural coaching, clean coaching and a neuro-linguistic coaching approach. My personal coaching style is primarily person-centred but I draw on different styles to suit the client and the situation. I have also studied creative coaching and I enjoy introducing creative elements to my coaching to unlock a level of understanding that my clients do not always reach through talking alone.  

Your one-to-one coaching experience

When you come to me for weight-loss coaching you will receive "unconditional positive regard"**. This means that I respect you in your entirety. I will accept and support you regardless of what you say or do. My coaching sessions provide a truly non-judgemental environment, and for those who have struggled with weight-loss and body image this can be especially powerful.

Many of my clients feel encouraged that I am on the same journey as them, as they know that I share many of their experiences and truly understand how difficult it can be to take control of our eating. 

Weight-loss coaching with The Naked Goals Coach is different from other approaches to weight-loss. You will not receive advice on diet, nutrition or exercise.  This coaching process is designed to work alongside whatever weight-loss plan you have chosen to follow, whether you have joined a diet club, are following an online plan, are calorie-counting at home, or want to incorporate more exercise into your life. Naked Goals Coaching will leave you feeling more empowered, more motivated, and more likely to succeed with your chosen weight-loss plan.

 Before we start the coaching process we will have an initial pre-coaching conversation in which you can ask me anything you want to about The Naked Goals Coach experience, and make a decision about whether I am the right person to work with you on the next stage of your weight-loss journey. 

Skype coaching is available for those who cannot reach my coaching locations in Essex, though I do recommend having our sessions in-person wherever possible.

Group coaching weight-loss workshops

Group coaching provides an alternative to one-to-one coaching sessions for those who prefer a group dynamic or who are seeking a more inexpensive option for professional weight-loss coaching.

Workshops will run weekly for five sessions. You will learn the principles of coaching so that you can coach (and be coached by) other members of the group who are also on a weight-loss journey. Research shows that people who participate in group coaching report increased motivation, making this perfect for clients who want to feel more motivated with their weight-loss goals.

As a group we will look at the different ways each of us are motivated, consider how to find that elusive willpower, and share our weight-loss experiences to find what works and what doesn't. Studies show that weight-loss is more successful when we have strong circles of support around us, and through the workshops you'll be forming your own support system.

If you would like to be notified when the next course of workshops is available please subscribe to my mailing list or contact me to register your interest.

  *John Whitmore, "Coaching for Performance" (2004)

** Carl Rogers, "The necessary and sufficient conditions of therapeutic personality change" (1957)

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