Willpower by Skype Short Course

 Do you start a new diet every January only for your willpower to quickly fizzle out? Have you spent most of your life yo-yo dieting and trying one diet fad after another? Do you want to know how to curb your emotional eating, how to improve your confidence, and how to avoid giving in to temptation when you're offered chocolate/wine/pizza?* (*delete as appropriate!) 

There are SO MANY diet plans out there promising huge weight losses...  but in all my years of failed dieting I never came across a diet plan or consultant who looked at the psychological side of things and why it is that we overeat in the first place... why we self sabotage and how we can overcome the mental obstacles that come with weight loss and maintenance. It was only when I worked on permanently changing my thinking that I successfully changed my body and lost five stone.


Christmas can be an especially difficult time of year for lots us, and often by January we've put on weight and feel ashamed, frustrated and despairing. That's why I'm offering this pre-Christmas short course by Skype, to give your willpower the boost it needs before heading into the season of eating and drinking.

Together we will look at you as an individual and helps you understand your own triggers and how to overcome them. We'll work on increasing your willpower and overcoming your own individual obstacles and helping with the specific situations that hold you back. It's a very healing and empowering process to give you the skills to keep going, so that you don't have that feeling of finishing a plan, hitting a target and then free-falling back to where you were before.  

Festive Willpower by Skype

Willpower and Christmas CAN go together!

Imagine heading into the festive season feeling in control of your eating, and able to make decisions that mean you don't pile on the pounds this Christmas! Wouldn't it feel amazing to reach 2018 without feeling guilty and regretful about having been on a big festive binge? If you want to feel empowered and motivated to decide for yourself when to indulge and when to stop, rather than getting to New Year's Day wishing you'd had more willpower, this short course is for you.

Personalised sessions at a time that suits you

At a mutually convenient time, Lizi will work with you for three 50-minute sessions to help you focus on your festive willpower. Together we'll spend time looking at your previous experiences with willpower to discover what works for you and what doesn't. You'll prepare for the range of temptations that will come your way and form an action plan for staying strong and motivated. Lizi usually carries these sessions out by Skype, but Whats App video calls are also an option. If you don't have the technology for video calls you can even speak to Lizi about coaching you over the phone.

Exclusive discount

One-to-one Skype sessions with Lizi are usually £55 each but this course of three sessions is on offer for only £129. Book below or get in touch with Lizi if you have any questions.

Festive Willpower Short Course


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