What are "Naked Goals"?

Naked Goals... on the surface

We all have an idea of how we would like our bodies to look or feel, and achieving this can sometimes involve losing weight.  "Naked Goals" are not about striving for an unrealistic image of perfection, but about setting manageable goals that will make you feel happier about your body.  For me it was about shrinking my tummy and thighs and reclaiming my waist and my cheekbones.  I wanted to weigh less than my husband and feel good in fashionable clothes.  When you engage in Naked Goals Coaching you'll have the chance to think more about the changes you are hoping to make to your body through weight-loss, and consider whether or not your goals are realistic and achievable.

Your True Naked Goals

But we will also strip back your goals and examine them on a much deeper level to uncover what has driven your desire to lose weight... your true Naked Goal. Setting achievable weight-loss goals is important for success, but truly understanding your attitude and feelings about your weight and your diet is key. For me it was the prospect of turning forty and feeling afraid that my obesity would shorten the length of time I would be around for my children.  My true Naked Goal is to stay in my children's lives for as long as I possibly can - and this turned out to be a powerful motivator for my weight-loss. By identifying your own true Naked Goals you will have a new perspective on your weight-loss journey.

Naked Goals for weight-loss

Most diet clubs and consultants will begin your weight-loss journey by talking about food, but I have a completely different approach.  Your Naked Goals weight-loss coaching will begin by really questioning what you want to achieve and why it is important to you.  Both your Surface Naked Goals and your True Naked Goals will be used to inform the path you take and the actions you choose for yourself, and will prove to be much more motivating for you than being handed a list of foods or a booklet of dieting dos and don'ts.

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