Who is The Naked Goals Coach?

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A new approach to weight-loss

What are "Naked Goals"?

We all have "Naked Goals": an idea of how we would like our bodies to look or feel - and sometimes this involves losing weight. Together we can look at your weight-loss goals and how you will achieve them. But we will also strip back your goals and examine them on a much deeper level to uncover what has driven your desire to lose weight... your true Naked Goal. By identifying your own true Naked Goals you will have a new perspective on your own weight-loss journey.  

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What is Coaching?

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance." * Coaching is a discipline that believes people have the answers to their problems inside them, and that a professional coach can help them to uncover these answers so they can discover the way forward for themselves. As a coach I do not have the answers to your issues, but I am committed to working with you to explore them and supporting you in choosing ways to move forward.  

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Why do diets fail?

Research shows that most adults who are overweight have tried to lose weight before. It's a depressing fact. So many of us want to learn how to lose weight to be healthier, or to have bodies that make us feel happier and more confident. Yet so often our diets fail. We persevere and try again. And again and again. Because we really, really want to lose weight. But until we each understand why we aren't achieving our weight-loss goals, we'll just continue the cycle indefinitely.  


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